About us


Is to take our youth and show them their potential from the vantage point. We want to improve and contribute to the world around them. Then we can propel them into adulthood with opportunities that will allow them to end the cycle of hopeless poverty that they currently reside. Our program instills hope through community involvement, school mentoring and actively showing them the world outside of the one they live in. Our program meets these families at the gap, whether that be educational, social skills, or life skills to fill their families with stable guidance. We will accomplish this with consistent love and support throughout our communities! 




The mission of Love One Raise One is to prepare youth to live a strong, healthy, and independent life and to teach core values of respect in a caring environment. We focus to make sure youth have an equal opportunity with education, work, and life. We want our children/community that reach out to feel love, gain knowledge, understand how to be a successful individual, and respect themselves and others. The organization focus highly on preparing our children/community to a higher learning and keeping them focused.

Here are some of the things we do.

  1.  We provide tutoring for those who want or need the assistance.

  2. We do teacher appreciations throughout schools to show teachers the community still appreciates them.

  3. We take our children around the community to give back.

  4.  We allow our kids to show homage to their elders by visiting different nursing homes

  5. We do school visits for all of our children. (We Care)

  6. We expose our children to more than what they’re shown in their daily lives.

  7. We do parenting classes for those parents who would like to receive advice.

  8.  We have events that we do to keep the community and the kids involved.

  9.  We do fundraisers which allow our children to learn how to make honest money.

  10. Before the start of every function we do a thankful circle. This allows our children to understand what it means to be thankful.