Mentoring programs

Love One Raise One is pulling our young males back! We want every male to have a fair chance at life. We will teach them how to be respectful, How to dress on different occasions, survival skills, how to treat a female, how to carry themselves in many situation, how to prepare for an interview, the importance of education and much more. Our Mentors does school visits when available to make sure their learning is sufficient and behavior is on the right track. 



Grooming Men Mentoring Program

 Mentor Qualifications/Description

 The mentor will be at least 18 years of age and enjoy spending time with children ages 7-17. 

1). Patience

2). Good Listening skills

3).0pen minded to cultural differences

4).Good relationship building skills

5).Build a relationship with one child in LORO community.

6).Track all hours spent with mentee and report them to coordinator.

7). Inform coordinator of any changes in mentee behavior, concerns, or questions

8).Meet weekly with mentee for 1-2 hours and participate in an activity that the pair choose together. (bowling, walking, homework,etc)


Grooming Women Mentoring Program 

Community Mentoring Programs

Bringing back the "It takes a village" mentality. Love One Raise One know that the community has an impact on the way we live,work, and impacts societies aboard. There are many different step we could follow to improve criminal activities, protecting ourselves and our communities. We will also help those who are in need and help our community family strive for greatness.



Love One Raise One will show our young ladies how to be seen and not heard. This program is geared toward teaching them how to respect themselves, and how to earn respect from others. We will also teach them how to dress respectfully, public speaking and how to recognize the different types of abuse. We will also have our mentors consistently check on mentees to make sure their handling their business education wise."Know your worth"